Margaret's Rainbow Gallery


Margaret Elizabeth Burnard

May 26, 1997 – November 19, 2002

Margaret was a grade primary student at L.E.Shaw Elementary School when she passed away in 2002.  Her arrival at L.E.Shaw brought a bright spot to our school.  Margaret had a warm smile that lit up her whole face and made her beautiful blue eyes twinkle.

She enjoyed people and always looked for the best in others. Margaret showed thoughfullness and tolerance beyond her years and went out of her way to make others feel special. She was greatly loved and she reflected that love to everyone she met.  Margaret was a beautiful person inside and out. As she always loved lots of colour she was captivated by rainbows therefore rainbows often figured prominently in Margaret’s own artwork and they have become symbolic of Margaret’s presence around us.

Margaret’s Rainbow Gallery is a gift from Margaret’s family to her classmates, friends and neighbours at LE Shaw.  It will give each and every child at L.E. Shaw a chance to shine. As the dove of peace pulls her rainbow it will always be a bright spot in our school welcoming everyone who comes through our doors.