At this point in time we do not have cafeteria services available at our school. We apologize for this inconvenience.

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Contact Information

LE Shaw Elementary School

486 Oak Island Road

Avonport, NS B0P 1B0


Please write bus notes on an individual piece of paper so students can bring them to the office and drop them in the bus note basket.  Bus notes should include your childs first and last name, where they are going, the date and their teacher or grade.

Dates to Remember

Sept 23 - Early Dismissal at 11:30am Assembly @ 8:30am

Sept 27 - Terry Fox Run @10:45-11:30am

Sept 30 - Regional Shut Down Day - No School

Oct 3&4 - Grade 4 Assessments

Oct 5&6 - Grade 3 Assessments

Oct 7 - Make up day for Assessments

Oct 10 - Thanksgiving - No School

Oct 11 - Photo retake day

Oct 19 - Early Dismissal @ 11:30am

Oct 21 - School Assembly

Oct 28 - Provincial Conference Day - No School for Students


Welcome to LE Shaw




L. E. Shaw Elementary School is a grade Primary to Five school with a total of 128 students and 6 classrooms.  It was opened in September 1950 and is named for Lloyd Ethelburt Shaw, a member of the Shaw Brick family.  The school, named in his honor, is located on Oak Island Road in Avonport.   Avonport is a rural, farming community within the municipality of Kings County.  Its catchment area includes the Glooscap First Nation Reserve and is located between the towns of Wolfville and Hantsport.

Current News and Announcements

    LE Shaw Elementary School


    September 6, 2016

    Dear Families,

    We currently have a new student to our school this year with a life-threatening egg allergy. It has been determined that this student is at a severe risk for adverse reactions if any egg is ingested. We have consulted our School Board‘s Nurse Coordinator of the Student Health Partnership Program to help us establish safe practices for anaphylactic reaction within our school.

    We are now asking (under the direction of our School Board’s Nurse Coordinator of the Student Health Partnership Program) that families with children in the P-1 Conrad Tracey classroom not send in hard boiled eggs, fried eggs or scrambled eggs, as well as, mayonnaise for snacks or lunches at this point in time. We will use every precaution necessary to ensure that “cross contamination” does not take place. Cross contamination occurs when the child touches any surface that has egg residue on it.  When this happens, the residue on the child’s hands may be transferred to the eyes or mouth where it can be absorbed into the child’s bloodstream resulting in an anaphylactic reaction. Anaphylactic reaction is a condition where the airways swell and suffocation occurs. This is very rapid, happening within minutes.

    We appreciate your cooperation and understanding. We have reviewed our breakfast program menu and have removed eggs in the above forms.

    Following these procedures will help us provide a safe environment. We will continue to update the families in the above classroom and in our other classrooms should changes occur with the allergy. We thank you for your cooperation in this very important matter.


    Cordelia Gallant, Principal

  • Registration Forms

    Please check your child's backpack tonight for their registration form. 

    Please carefully go over the registration form and look for any changes or errors (it happens sometimes). 

    Please be sure to sign page 4.  This is often missed as it sometimes appears to be part of the self identification form but in fact is just the end of the document.

    Please update expiry dates on health cards.

    Please include early closure instructions if your child is to do something other than travel home as per normal on the bus.  For example:  No one will be home please call grandmother to make sure she is home and send Little Johnny on bus 281.  He should get off at so and so's stop.

    Please sign the picture consent and work form with a yes or no as well as a signature and date.  Just to clarify what we would use this for...we might put a picture of the classes artwork on a teachers site page on our website.  We might put a picture of the remembrance day assembly on our website or in our newsletter.  Kids generally enjoy seeing themselves pictured in these scenarios.

    Please have your child's registration form returned no later than Friday September 16th.

    If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Stephanie at the school at 902-542-6900 or reply to this e-mail.

  • The day a chicken came to school!

Documents and Forms    How to Prevent, Find, and Treat Head Lice
   Annual Report 2015-2016
   2016-2017 School Calendar
   Ticks and Lyme Disease

Frequently Asked Questions 1. What does my child require for school supplies?

Answer #1
Your child will need indoor sneakers for gym and a backpack. All other supplies are covered by the $35.00 fee that we ask be paid by the end of September.

  • We Give Books

    A free site (you need to register but it's free) that shows books in an enlarged format. Books are displayed in a format that enable you to "flip" the pages. Also you can zoom in on the text. Non-fiction books include such resources as Eyewitness books.

Mi'kmaq Links and Info

Mi'kmaq Culture


Here is a great link to information on the Mi'kmaq people


Learn some words in Mi'kmaq!


O'Canada in Mi'kmaq


CRISIS MANAGEMENT (September 21, 2016)


All schools in the AVRSB are required to hold 6 fire drills per year and 2 lockdown drills and 1 hold and secure drill.  These are conducted periodically and LE Shaw has thus far has had 1 fire drill todate . A relocation drill is required once per year as well.

LE Shaw Elementary  also has a crisis management committee to oversee any potential crisis that may arise and will follow the "Administrators' Book of Emergency Checklists" if required.  If you have any questions, please direct them to administration.

L. E. Shaw Elementary
486 Oak Island Road, Avonport, N.S.
P.O. Box , B0P 1B0
Phone: (902) 542-6900   Fax: (902) 542-6905